LapMaster is the premier slot car racing,

       lap-counting and race management system.

-        Accurate millisecond timing from dedicated hardware.

-        Run on modern Windows/XP, Vista, Win/7, Win/8.x, Win/10 or Win/11 with USB attachment.

-        The first choice in the internet age, with “LiveTiming” and automated web publishing.



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Main display of LapMaster

This is what the drivers see.     




This is what the bystanders see.  





This is what you internet audience sees.



Result and Stats index

Here you find all results on the internet.





The results are displayed like this.




Laps statistics    

Laps statistics show how well each driver did on each lane.  



Timing statistics    

Timing statistics show how fast each driver was on each lane.



Actual/Potential statistics 

This statistics show how well each driver managed to get the best out of the equipment he’s got.        


Race development statistics  

This statistics shows how the race developed.




LiveTiming -Follow live slotcar racing from these premier Slotcar race tracks around the world:

Dallas Slot Cars, Texas USA.

Mid.America Raceway & Hobbies, Chicago USA.

Tom Thumb Hobbies, Ohio USA.


RaceFun, Copenhagen, Denmark

And many others.



You are invited to download and run LapMaster in simulation mode to see for yourself how it works and feel. However you will not be able to use the program for real without the hardware.

You can download the latest version of the LapMaster program here:

01/Feb/2024:  LapMaster Version 3.34.8 (Program and English version)


Read the change list here: Release change list


Are you upgrading from a previous release?

-         Then note that this upgrade might (automatically) change the directory structure of your existing race statistics.


For other languages, please also download and install the language supplement:

LapMaster Danish Language suplement

LapMaster Swedish Language suplement

LapMaster German Language suplement

LapMaster Norwegian Language suplement

LapMaster Spanish Language suplement

LapMaster Italian Language suplement

(English is included with the main program.)


Download the driver for the USB connector from the chip manufacture:

FTDI Serial-to-USB driver (FTDI driver download page)


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.


Read the extensive Help and Reference manual here (Online/HTML)


How to connect IR-detectors for LapMaster.


How to connect the LapMaster device



Tech and commercial information:

The program works in association with the LapTimer-II hardware.



            Windows XP, Vista, Win/7, Win/8.x, Win/10 or Win/11.
            Sound system (Loudspeakers) is a must.

            Dual screen is recommended for systems with more than 4 lanes.

            Color printer is recommended for printing results, statistics and winners certificate.

            Internet connection is optional.


Commercial information:

LapMaster is a high quality commercial grade system, intended for clubs and commercial slotcar racing centers, even though it is of cause also usable for the quality minded home track owner.


The software is in principle free of charge, but you need the proprietary hardware to use it for real. Complete systems (Hardware and Software) are commercially available from the author.


A 4-lane system with dead-strip interface cost 2200,- DKr (~320 USD).
The full 8-lane 2750,- DKr (~399 USD).

Shipping is 150 DKr ~22 USD using registrated mail (With Track & Trace)

The optional IR optical sensors cost an extra 500/1000 DKr (~70/145 USD) for a 4/8 lane system.
(Based upon 1 USD = 6.88 DKr as per Feb 1, 2024).

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