LapMaster - Change log

3.34.8 – 01/Feb/2024

-  Removed old code in support of long gone Win-95 version.

- Stop & Go penalty can now be accumulated.

- When using jump-start-detection, the first pass no longer counts as lap-1.
This also fixes the error where jump-start got both a time penalty and a one-lap penalty!


3.34.7 – 19/Jan/2024

-  Fixed problem with wrong zone estimate in rare conditions involving car crossing the line after power-off.

- Added field “HW Timestamp” to History log file for debug purpose.

- Close program if started twice.

- Roll back of internal changes to grid-control – Stability issues.

- Headline “Help” on video for entry panel video.

- Fixed “Team race” to properly adjust for team of unequal sizes.

- Added option for “Stop-and-Go” penalty on the fly.


3.34.6 – 07/Nov/2023

- Fix problem with skipping “Drive Home” function

- No Track-calls accepted during RUN-OUT phase (Keyboard or State-less)


3.34.5 – 06/Nov/2023

- Fix statistics not working if WEB Home path specified as “/”.

- Fixed power not coming on after trackcall in warmup.

- Made more room to display “Pole position” and “Standby drivers”.

- Made simulated sensor button show track power using color.

- Made “Statistics page” resizeable

- Allow the QR reader (LapMastQR) a choice to select camera.


3.34.4 – 04/Sep/2023

- Fixed error in “Warm-up” not turning power on.


3.34.3 – 02/Sep/2023

- Trackcall changes less than a second apart will be ignored.

- “Reset” dialog changed – Added new option of “Stint” reset.

- Speedway point – tie break added.

- Changing race setup during racing causes a “Are you sure?” if it causes a reset.

- It is now allowed to change “Race class” during racing without  causing a reset.

- “Reset” dialog does no longer issue “Trackcall”.

- GHOST drivers are no longer represented in the result list.

- Fixing issues with generating GHOST drivers for low attendance with some lane rotations and OnDeck assignments.

- Fix the MultiTrack connection after fault  introduced in 3.33.

- Removed the “Social distance” mode – Smiley – we are done with it!
- Added new practice mode “Queued practice”, using  QR-code scan via webcam.

- Fixe bug with “Race on laps – All to complete”, showing negative numbers in result

- Changed “Jump start” detection – Penalty in seconds can be set.

- Colorizing buttons for easier access and overview

- Most dialogs are now re-sizeable

- Voice “English female” has been deleted. Please use “English  female – Inge”

- Voice “Dansk dame stemme” has been deleted. Please use “Dansk dame – Inge”


3.33 – 28/Feb/2023

- Technical conversion, no functional changes:

- Conversion to new compiler Visual Studio 2022.

- Removing warnings from code-analyzer.


3.32B – 08/Jan/2023

- Race option to compensate “Prediction” and “Statistics” for Reverse driving.


3.32 – 04/Jan/2023

- Fixed “Race Development” display when using “Half Track” mode.

- Option to generate GHOST drivers.

- Improve precision of prediction.

- Completely new way of handling FTP and statistical data.
 LapMaster keeps a local disk folder “C:\LapMaster\WebMirror
 with all intended material for the Website.
This folder can be (manually) synchronized between Server and disk.

- Fixed new error in “Trackrecord” statistic.

- Internal FTP redesign. – FTP can now be suspended and restarted in case
of  internet and logon issues.

- Option to Enable/Disable the building FTP Trace.
- Upon start, Lap master will now auto-locate the COM port.

- Optional calculation of  SPEED.

- Option to continue from a trackcall from a failing remote control.

- Running in Simulation mode is now displayed on the main screen.

- The ability to use the remote in a stateless mode, same as the keyboard space-bar.

- Fixed failure to create optional FTPTrace.txt.

3.31C – 15/Marts/2022

- Show “Heat race*2” if multi rounds are selected.
- Quick selection buttons for running with reduced number of lanes active.

- Allow user to change lane assignment in “Heat race, move-up” mode.

-Fix error with wrong result  when running race “By laps, all to finish”, and a trackcall was involved after the first had finished.

3.31B – 09/Marts/2022

- Fixing issue with “Drive home” failing to go to “Manual” state between heats, if combined with “Round robin”.

- Log the stint result in the LOG file in addition to the lap counts.

- Bug fix: In “Racing by laps (All)”, if you had a track-call after one or more drivers had completed, then the time results where corrupted.

- Suppression of announcement of new lap records has been fine tuned.


3.31A – 22/Feb/2022

- Fixing issue with fields in the “Time” column sometimes left with a white font


3.31 – 17/Feb/2022

- Open browser displaying “All time Race History” from main screen.

- Make button text better fit the space available.

- Option to have more than one “Result index”. You can now create a suffix to the “Result index”, depending on a setting in the race setup. This might be useful to separate race history into different classes of racing etc.

- Header and Footers for printed reports have been moved from extreme right to left  of the reports.

- Validation that you cannot assign same lane rotation twice.
- The “Next driver” display has been improved.
- Main display is only being reset after options/entry panel, if nessesary.

- Challenge mode” + “Drive home” also works after the last stint.

- Bugfix. In Speedway mode, if 3 or more cars finish within a few 1/10 of a second, the number of Speedway points awarded could be wrong.

- Button to turn on/off “Announce laptimes” on all lanes at the same time.

- The statistics WEB page “Race Development” now also includes a graphic representation.

- Addition of Italian language version, including minor layout changes to fit more text.

- Dropdown memory expanded to 45 entries

- Drop down memories sorted and blanks eliminated

- FTPTrace now also works in user mode

- Shortkey for Start and Reset in simple race mode.

- Button for synchronizing LapMaster data on Website and Race Computer.

- Text translation error in Danish – Missing item.


3.30 – 19/June/2020

- Bug prevented multitrack signon.

- In “Crash&Burn” – Manual restart from programmed trackcalls caused a problem.

- New rotation scheme “Social Distance”

A lot of support for racing with multiple tracks connected over internet.


3.29C – 05/Marts/2020 – (Fixing errors only)

- Reinstate that zone correction is available for every stint in “Challenge mode”.


3.29B – 26/Feb/2020 – (Fixing errors only)

            - No race result or statistics has ever been wrong !!!

However the combination of “Round-robin” and “Zone correction” has temporary been displaying garbled data on the Scoreboard and LiveTiming, but not on the Race Display itself nor on the statistics.
As the program continued on to the next stint, or came to end-of-race, then the Scoreboard and LiveTiming auto-corrected to the correct values again.

-          Choosing not to restart the race when LapMaster offered it after recovering from a catastrophic error, the “Round” and “Heat” was not completely reset.

-          Corrected problems with prompting correctly for “Zone Correction” for complicated cases involving double-on-deck or disabled lanes.

-          Fix bug where Qualifying-On-All-Lanes allowed you to drive on disabled lanes.

-          Corrected bug where “Clear-all-but-name” did not clear line one.

-          Correct display of standby drivers when half-track is used.


3.29A – 06/Feb/2020 – (Fixing errors only)

            - Fix problem with team assignment being forgotten at update of entry list.

            - Fix problem with invalid Clip-buffer operation.

            - Fix problem with malformatted print.

            - Fix problem with garbled statistical header.


3.29 – 27/Jan/2020

            - New race format “Team counting”.

            - New racing format “Crash & Burn”.

            - Using “/” in name field to signify multiple lines where practical.

            - Do not announce result for empty tracks.
            - The options for “Roll counter” and “HalfSizeFonthas been reintroduced.

            - During “Time seller mode”, the driver field contains a lane or LaneColor reference.

            - Changed Speedway points so that they are retained on display on the ScoreBoard.

            - Fixed issue with missing ScoreBoard heading updates when Race Mode changed.

            - More checks to prevent setups with invalid rotation when lanes area disabled.

            - Delay “Power on” until after “Go” for non jump-start-modes. (Old style).

            - The remembering of preferred “Heat distribution” has been revised.

            - New optional Driver-Comment field can be used for ie. Team, Club or Car-make.

            - Swedish language optimization, real Swedish and back to the term “Track Call”.

            - Speed selection (Drop down) for “Drivers name” and “Comment”.

            - “RaceClass” changed to use the same Drop-down memory system as above.

            - LiveTiming and statistics display the stint duration for better information.

- A lot of work in the area of multi-track racing.


3.28 – 09/Marts/2019

- Make sure the “Position” is updated after the race stops.

- Allow longer driver names on the Scoreboard. (From 20 to 40 char).

- Possibility to use two lines for driver names.

- Fixed LiveTiming setup problem w/missing “LiveTimeLoaderUStream.htm”.

- Add highlight to “BestTime” when it changes.

- The option “Announce leader” has been removed from the program.

- A bug in ranking and winner announcement has been fixed for race forms where a low value is the best result. (I.e. racing number of laps at the lowest possible time.)

- Race format “Heat race, Advancing” has been renamed to “Heat race, Move-up”.

- (Semi Secret) Ability to choose font for the general appearance of LapMaster main screen.

- New starting procedure, sound, lights and actual starts are now synchronised.

- “Fast start” after trackcall now say’s “Ready, Go”.

- New staring option “Direct start” and “False start detect”.

- Added ability to select any colour in the RGB system as lane colour.

- Track setup only displaying fields for the selected number of lanes.

- Lane selection now has a 3’rd button (Enter) so that it can be operated solely by the mouse.
- The shortcut key to reset a counter has been changed from ALT+Fx to just Fx.



3.27 – 10/Sep/2018

- Start option (In Advanced Race Options) to use a fast start countdown after trackcall.

- Web Publish – Support for Video LiveStream from several sources. i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twich or UStream.

- Optimized how font scale works, to display more data inside the fields on the main screen.
- Make “Speedway” show the points on the scoreboard.

- Insert link to the Facebook support page.

- The path to the history file now contains a subdirectory for each year.


3.26 – 16/Jan/2018

- Option to have animated counters as “Rolling counters”.

- Internal modification to “Power on” which in some rare cases did not flip the relays.

- Fixed problem with truncated “Options” display.

- Roll time for trackcalls versus minimum allowed laptime has been moved to become a “Track setting” rather than a per race setup settting.
- The internal calculation of the “Roll” compensation has been changed.

- You now also have the option to disable “Roll” compensation in order to revert back to the pre-3.25 way of working.

- Changed the internal workings of the “Simulated mode”.

- During “Power test mode”, a sound will be made on passing the counter to indicate that the lap is NOT counted.

- Delete button in data entry panel.

- LapMaster now remembers last used “Heat distribution” for the number of drivers.

- Fixed a problem where displayed lap count was not cleared when changing racing mode.

- Video guide for Driver Entry panel


3.25B – //2017

- Track records is not to be recognized in “Named practice”.


3.25A – 02/April/2017

- Added some missing German text.

- Fixed problem where “Trackcall roll time” was not saved with setup.

- Removed [NTR] (New track record) from stats.
    (Track record page still recorded separately in case of new record(s)).

- Cleanup of the “Records” HTML models.

- Pressing ENTER on zone-correction now works as expected.

- Occasional “Failure to find LapMasterResultLink.htm” resolved.

- Allowing i.e. the ScoreBoard to save and restore in a narrow version.


3.25 – 10/Marts/2017

- Added Spanish language.

- Indicate ”New Track Records” in the time statistics.

                        - Add “Track records” to the statistics if new records are set.

- Fix bug where “Time seller mode” could start with a very high number
     of time remaining.

- Added button for factory-reset of WEB setup.

- It is now possible to do 2.5 second web setup refresh rate.

- Default for “Reverse Relay Connection” changed back to “Unchecked”.

- Corrected problem when driver names where prefixed with “*”, “[“ or a number.         

- Removed double logo with UStream LiveTiming.

- Zone correction now has “Reset” and “Cancel” buttons.

- Head race promoting: Correct result order, correct handling of “entry” edit, shorter header description.

- Changed procedure around minimum lap time and trackcalls.
LapMaster will now use a corrected minimum lap time, so that it is not affected by trackcalls.
A new adv. option has been introduced to compensate for “roll” after trackcall when calculating the adjusted minimum lap time.

- Allow track setup to have only one lane.

- Fixed fatal error in LapMaster counting while minimized.


3.24B – 20/Nov/2016

                        - Changed LiveTiming to HTML-5
                              (To solved compatibility problem with UStream).

                        - Number of maximum drivers changed from 256 to 350.

                        - Fixed problem in statistics.
                             (Inconsistent total count for tracks with less than 100 zones.)

                        - Fixed error in explanation on stats count.

- Fixed problem with trackcall when running races based upon laps.

- Modification to the “Drive home” procedure – Read the HELP.

- Preventing concurrent trackcall and spacebar from cancelling each other.

- Changed prediction to use a simpler proportional prediction.

- New function to calibrate the spacebar/Trackcall response.

- Qualification result is now also saved as part of the statistics package.
- List of lap-times are show in practice modes.
- New option “Allow half size font”, to select/deselect list of lap-times etc.
- “Pling” if counting after power off.

3.23 – 12/Feb/2016

                        - Corrected wrong position for the “Track Test” button.

                        - Corrected missing clear of “Heat distribution” when typing in names.

                        - Added “Are you sure?” to counter reset.

                        - Manual adding laps now plays “Ka-ching”.

                        - Qualify option for ISRA team race (2 drivers).

                        - TrackCall release can now be done simply using the Spacebar.

                        - Significant internal changes to how stint timing is done.

                        - Fixed problem with “slow start downcount”.


3.22 – 21/Jan/2016

                        - It is now possible to run with timed intermission during qualifying.

                        - Minimum laptime does no longer apply to qualification.

                        - Statistics for “Heat race – Promoting” has been fixed.

- The minimum size of the main screen has been reduced.

- The start light now scales correctly.

- Display with less than 8 lanes do not show empty space.
                        - However this is selectable via new layout option in pgm setup.

                        - New option “Drive home” has been added to the “Challenge mode”.

                        - New/Revised system for showing comments on screen while racing.

                        - Rewording of the announcement for the “Invalid time” message.

                        - The Scoreboard is no longer optional (However it can be minimized).

                        - Internal redesign of central processing of data coming from the serial port.
                          This is to prevent any danger of a “Hanging program”.

                        - Options that was never used has been removed to simplify operation.

                        - All power relays are now used even without individual lane control.


3.21 – 25/May/2015

                        - Add function to rescale Main display to fit screen or any selected size.

                        - Add Option to display “Predicted result” on main screen.

                        - Add function to reset “Best Lap” while running a race.

                        - Fixed problem with On-Deck rotation and uneven number of drivers.

                        - Fixed problem where trackcall using space-bar could not be done if the “Manual count correction” panel was open at the same time.

                        - Fixed hang when “unexpected reset” occurred / Failure to start LapMaster is hardware was “Busy”.

                        - Fixed problem with “Backup time” in Qualifying with “All lanes” selected as an option.


3.20 – 13/October/2013

- History log file now show local time rather than GMT time stamps.

- Checkpoint/Restart. In case of any computer or power problems, LapMaster can restart a race from the last lane change.

- The black out time for track calls before end-of-stint has been changed from 0.5 sec to 1.5 second.

- Integration with external programs like Notepad and Spread sheet’s as well as your choice of Internet Browser for extended editing and flexibility.

- Bug fix: Changing the min lap time during a trackcall, no longer resets the stint time.

- It is now possible to run “Round-robin” with two sit outs.

- Optional 12 hour clock is now supported.

- It is now possible to select the Font for the Scoreboard, to optimize the display i.e. when using a projector.

- Offset laps (Handicap) is now being displayed on the result screen and uploaded with the result.

- It is no longer allowed to start a race while the ENTRY panel is open (Would cause a loss of race data.)

- The German translation has had a major redo – As a consequence some text panels have been adjusted for size.

- Rudimental support for digital racing (Carrera, MAG-Racing or SSD (Scalextric)) with the use of version-3 of the hardware.

- New advanced option “In race” (Auto publish). Publishes result of individual heats, and also publish data after each stint.

- Lane assignments buttons for choosing “Sitout” position.

- Up to two drivers are now being displayed as “Standby” when doing RoundRobin with multiple change-in’s.

- Fixed problem with prediction when running multiple round and doing driver reassignment between rounds.


3.19 – 09/Marts/2012

- Language now install as separate language packs to reduce size of download package.

- Displaying “Round” and LapMaster version on the LiveTiming.

- New high quality female voice.

- Fix problem with random “99.999” showing on the scoreboard during qualifying.
(Not a problem for the qualifying itself!)

- LiveTiming installed from earlier version now get updated so that they look as intended with new software.

- Prevent track-call in the last race second.

- Race duration radio buttons for all modes with “laps” was mixed up and did not select the modes that they were supposed to select. This has been corrected.

- Correct race prediction when running multiple accumulated rounds of heat racing.

- Track records can now optionally be split in Qualifying and Race statistics.

- Added statistics for “Race progression”.

-Added option to perform “Autosave” after each stint.

- Allow some race-options, specifically “minimum lap time” to be edited while racing.

- FTP transfer (LiveTiming) has been changed from “Active” to “Passive” mode to make it more generally accepted to various websites.

- Size of the voice library with Andy’s voice has been reduced.

- New high quality Danish male voice.

- Problem with single/double digit qualifications times being mixed after a LapMaster restart has been fixed.


3.18 – 25/June/2011

- New American voice – Professionally recorded by pro event race director Andy Wasserman.

- The starters sequence now also displays count down lights.

- Starters signal can be selected as “Voice”, “Buzzer” or “Silent”.

- Qualify now works with second best time as tie-break for identical best qualify time.

- The lane to Enter/Exit in Round robin can now be selected.

- Round Robin now also works in “Half-track” mode.

- Fixed small problem with WEB Setup wizard. (Warning on non-standard name, even though the name is standard)

- Fixed problem with the “Print” button floating when resizing panel.

- Added option to suppress announcement of lap times during qualify.

- Graphical changes to the statistics pages being generated.

- Zone correction does not have to be done in lane order. (And zone correction added to log file)

- Track power test can now switch on each lane individually.

- Fixed rare problem with lap count being displayed as “-1.#R” during qualify.

- The qualifying lane is now indicated by colour in the statistics.

- The statistics layout on the internet can now be decorated with an external style sheet (CSS – Internet terminology)


3.17 – 06/Feb/2011

- German translation has been redone with professional assistance.

- Swedish language, more translations and a few adjustments.

- All sound files have been “level set” so that all voices are equally loud.

- Zone edit now shows the lane colour.

- Assignment of lanes now with colour support.

- Ability to print the entry list.

- Race with many entries now causes the LiveTiming pages to resize so that more drivers can be shown without scrolling.

            (If you are upgrading from older version, you need to delete the 4 files in “C:LapMaster\Multimedia\” named “ScoreBoard…”. New files will be generated for you.)

- Displaying laps per stint on the Scoreboard and LiveTiming.

- Tweak to the “LiveTiming wizard”.

- LiveTiming and Results/Statistics can now correctly be saved to local harddisk.

- Track records on print and on web-site now displays the date of the trackrecord as well.

- Corrected a number of bugs associated with “Disabled lanes”.
        Rotation with round-robin now works with disabled tracks, Prediction now show the correct result and “Stats” do not colour grade disabled lanes.

- Using the “heat distribution” field, it is now possible to skip one or more drivers by putting the number in parenthesis.
        E.g: “(4) 8 8 8 (99)” would skip the 4 best qualified (As in qualified directly to final),
        while the 24 next would race in 3 heats (Semi), and the reminder hasn’t qualified to go any further.

- Selection of files (Drivers/EntryList/Results etc.)  Now remembers the last used directory. This also fixes a problem with selection of directories under Vista and Win/7.

- New warning dialog “Are you sure?”. This will warn you if you are about to create a setup with unusual or unlikely settings.

It is designed to help catch errors during setup.

- Fixed bug where qualification result was sorted alphabetical rather than numeric (eg. 1, 10, 4).

- Fixed bug with displaying new drivers at round transitions for multiple rounds racing when doing re-seeting.


3.16.11 – 28/09/2010

- Bug fix: LiveTiming wizard attempted to load files from a wrong directory.

- A lot more “tooltip” added to aid the user in selecting the right options.


3.16.10 – 19/09/2010

- Specification of “Auto publish” Result and Statistics path added to “WEB Publish” menu.

- New “Setup Wizard” will help you setup the “LiveTiming” feature.

- A racer no longer racing will now drop down the scoreboard in an appropriate manner.
      Previous the “Prediction” was not updated unless the driver passed the counter, and would therefore stay on top until end of heat.

                        - Cancelling a track record (I.E. a false time because of a rider), now also correctly rolls back the “Best lap” for the racer on the track.

                        - A new function will inform you if a newer version of LapMaster has been released.

                        - LapTimes of partial or interrupted laps will display as “---“ on the Scoreboard, as not to confuse the spectators.

                        - Drivers are warned before turning power on in warmup by the announcement of “Gentlemen start you engine”.

                        - Bug fix: Missing print function on some HP printers.

- Bug fix: “Timed practice” did not recognize the setting for intermission.


3.16.9 – 09/07/2010

                        - LiveTiming now displays track color.

                        - New statistic “Realized/Potential”.

                        - Simplified much faster auto statistics upload.


3.16.8 – xx/xx/2010

                        - Support for selection of alternative power supply via LapTimer hardware. Requires “LapTimer Vers 2.3” or later.

- If you use the “Use driver names” together with “Announce winners” from the advanced options, then the winner will be picked from all contestants. Otherwise it will be from the drivers on the track only.

- Bug fix: Corrections to WEB-results, Correct headings, correct spacing in the index list.

                        - Bug fix: Update also time stats after “Zone correction” (They do contain the total number of laps.)

                        - Bug fix: “Announce laptime” did not work for lane 8.

                        - Bug fix: Names containing special characters like Réne are now displayed correctly on the internet.


3.16.7 – 10/04/2010

                        - Polishing on the “auto publish” system.

                        - Making good looking banner headings for UStream LiveTiming setup.

                        - Moved all customized models from MultiMedia to Multimedia/Factory folder so that customized material isn’t overwritten by new LapMaster software updates.


3.16.6 – xx/xx/2010

                        - Improved “Live Timing” – Eliminate blink and “404” errors.

                        - Tooltip added for all non-obvious buttons and difficult to understand options.

                        - Ability to do random selection of qualifying lane.

                        - Marking of starting lane in the “statistics” display.

                        - Zone correction applied to statistics.

                        - Suggested name and indexing for uploaded results and statistics makes it much easier.

- Single button upload for all variations of statistics.

- Auto publish option in advanced setup lets LapMaster load results and statistics directly to your webpage automatically.

- More time warnings during intermissions added. (3 min, 2 min and 1min30sec).

                        - Bug fix: Wrong lane changing scheme when one or more lanes had been disabled.

                        - Bug fix: Fast buttons for lane rotation setups now also works with disabled tracks.

                        - Bug fix: Display correct Pole position when running qualification with “Most laps”.


3.16.5 – xx/xx/2010

                        - Implement automatic indexing (link) of results and statistics from LiveTiming page.

                        - Display practice data on scoreboard and internet.

                        - Fine tunedUStream” internet setup.

                        - Highlight “New driver” at lane change.

                        - Bug fix:  In displaying statistics.


3.16.4 – xx/xx/2010

                        - Force a track-power off when application closes.

                        - Remove bug from qualifying on “any” lane.

                        - Ability to save/restore “Statistical” information. Including “Save to web”.

                        - General ability to direct “Save to web” functions towards local disk. That is local save, but in HTML format.

                        - Remember to save “Qualification mode” into pre-defined setup.


3.16.3 – xx/xx/2010

                        - Adding new “Statistics” module that allows analysis of a completed race.

                        - Adding more history “Event” records to show change of racemode, and start of race.

                        - Tighten up statistical calculations for lap fractions at trackcall.

                        - Show only 1 decimal for lap sections, if track only has single digit sections.

                        - Blip with green background colour in “Laps” when counting.

                        - Change sound for skipping in bye-round from “Bye-round” to “Next”.

                        - Corrected bug with “Zone correction” used together with “Qualification, Most laps”.  

                        - Corrected bug where “next drivers” where displayed at end-of-race.


3.16.2 – xx/xx/2010

                        - Adding “Autoprint” option that will print a racers report after each stint.

                        - Setup for USTREAM webcam.


3.16 – 06/01/2010

- New “Heat race, promoting” format has been added. This format supports qualification into partly filled heats, and then the option to be promoted by racing from one heat to the next.

- Added two new qualification modes, “Best time w/2 rounds” and “Best time w/bye-rounds”.

- “LiveTiming” now shows extra message as a “Ticker-tape”.

- Track rotation and “Half-heat” option is now included in the Load/Save of racing setup, making it possible to define “Half Heat” as part of the setup.

- Whole range of predefined “Race setup’s” have been added.

- The option to “Link” race setups in chains has been added. This allows multi stage race setups to be build.

- The buttons for “Go qualify” and “Go race” in the entry panel is disabled if not at start of race.

- Cutting an intermission short by pressing “Start” can now be done without the “1-min”, “30-sec” and “10-sec” warnings being triggered.

- The counters are now disabled during intermission, so that the counters are not fouled up by users during lane change.

- A bug that caused the system to lock up if “trackcall” and “heat timeout” occurred at the same time has been found and removed.


3.15 – 03/11/2009

- The option to race all Stint=1 (from all heats) before racing Stint=2 etc. This rotates the crew of active drivers more offend and might be perceived as less boring.

- Adding “Buy-Round” option for qualifying.

- Support of “Half-track” racing rotation, where a single driver only drives either all even or all odd lanes.

- The selection of “Racing class” has been redesigned, so that you now can keep a list of your own designations.

                        - Estimation of end result now works with multiple rounds.

                        - Ability to set a “Point’s offset” before start of race.

                        - Do not announce laptimes below 2.0 seconds (Not enough time before the next round).

                        - Fixed a number of bugs. i.e. now connection of multi tracks works again.

                        - Norwegian language was missing from the pack.


3.14 – (Never released) – Fixing bug, where the Scoreboard and LiveTiming did not get the final update before the “End” MessageBox was dismissed.

                        - Fixing bug: Track records not announced correctly on black track.

                        - Minor layout change with end-of-round and end-of-race dialogs.

                        - Adding Norwegian text option (but no Norwegian speech yet).


3.13 – 27/02/2009 – Fixing bug with rounds being accumulated in “Best of rounds” mode.


3.12 – (Never released)

                        - Intelligence to select a better “Black-track” colour when gray is not used.

                        - Option to use “Reversed relay wiring”. (See under Track options).

                        - New RaceManager supporting the “Speedway” mode of racing.


3.11 – 09/02/2009 – Major internal restructuring – Allowing various RaceManagers to be defined within the software.

                        - Data stored in folder “C:\LapMaster”, to make the program compatible with Vista, without the need to run as Administrator.

- Adding RaceManager (Race-mode) for ISRA TEAM RACING.

                        - New racing mode, racing “Fixed number of laps (all)”. The winner is the one that used the least time to complete the set number of laps on each lane.

                        - Hotkey for terminating drivers unable to complete “Fixed number of laps (all)”.

                        - It is now possible to temporary leave out one or more lanes, I.E. for repair, or to optimize the number of active lanes for other reasons.

                        - Install path has been changed to allow LapMaster to work fluidly with Vista operating systems.

                        - Multiple rounds (Up to 4) allowed for heat racing, both in “Accumulating” or “Best of” modes.

                        - It is now possible to preset the counter with a number of rounds before race. I.e. to give a “Head start” or “Handicap”.


3.10 – 05/11/2008 – Adding “Gray” as option for track colour.


3.09 – 20/10/2008 – Swedish language has been added.

                        -  It is now possible to select “Any” for lane assignment during qualification. This means that the competitor is free to choose any lane for qualification.

                        - Bug in FTP transfer has been fixed. Save to WEB and LiveTiming now works correctly again.

                        - Release of trackcall can no longer be done by hitting the spacebar. It now requires ALT-Spacebar to release a trackcall. This solves an issue where multiple track-calls got stacked up if the spacebar was held down to long.


3.08 – 26/08/2008  – 10 second warning for end of Intermission is now an option.


3.07 – 17/08/2008  – Make sure FTP perform a new Logoff/Logon procedure following any detected ftp errors.

                        - Added error message and prevent save of screen coordinates if running on a display less than 1024x768.

                        - Fix bug with racing “number of laps”.             


3.06 – 16/08/2008  – Add option for embedded WebCam picture in uploaded scoreboard data.


3.05 – 25/06/2008  – Internal design of “LiveTiming” changed to use a lot less computer resources. (Internal FTP, Preload of models, deferred signoff when possible).

                        - Fixed problem with “Searching” for the LapMaster com port.


3.04 – 20/05/2008  – Language translation system redesigned to allow local customization from a text file in the language directory

- Search function for finding the LapTimer COM port.

- Support of COM ports from COM10 to COM20.

- Fixed problem with repeated “10 second warning” if pause called at the same time.

- Moved rarely used race setup options into separate “Advanced setup” page.

- Added ability to do race result prediction.

- Added “Track Time Seller” mode.

- Single button to erase all track records.

- Removed the “Edit records” function.

- Highlight “Track record” and “Invalid time” for easy identification.

- Revised and improved HELP system.

- “Announce lap times” on individual tracks.

- Option to accept track records at any time.

- LapMaster wrapped in standard windows install procedure.


3.03 – 04/03/2008 – More fine tuning to “Live-timing”

- Separate “Comment” section for Auto update.

- Preparation work for more language translations, i.e. German.


3.02 – 27/02/2008 – Fine tuning to “Live-timing”

                        - “LiveTiming” now uses the “livetimingloader.htm” to do the refresh. If the web-page is unavailable due to update (404 error), then it will recover by itself.

- Failures encountered during ScoreBoard to WEB auto load has been made “silent” .You don’t want pop-up error messages during the race.

- The unit of the [REFRESH] replaceable parameter has been changed from ms to seconds. The unit of seconds match the metatag refresh parameter. If you need ms, i.e. in javascript, hardcode the missing 3 zeroes.

- More REFRESH intervals added: 30 second and 1 minute.  


3.01 – 24/02/2008 – Adjusting on the TCP/IP functionality.

                        - Small change in the upload strategy for LIVE-Broadcast. Faster update -> less collision of update and browsing (404 error)

                        - Ability to save directly to WEB with individual selected filenames. Also added “comment” to the data.

                        - Fixed small bug in TCP/IP connection mode that potentially could case loss of data connection.


3.00 – 02/02/2008 – Major new release – Full TCP/IP connect ability.

- Full TCP/IP connection facility for coordinating several tracks using the LapMaster program into a single coordinated ScoreBoard.

                        - Also contains a CHAT function to send messages between participating RaceWays.

                        - Contains function to SYNC the starting time of each stint, to make the combined Scoreboard more interesting.

                        - Handicap calculator for doing fair racing with unmatched cars or tracks.

                        - Named practice mode.

- Revised HotKey assignment for lap count modification.

- Shift + F1..F8 add a count.

- Ctrl + F1..F8 subs a count.

- Alt + F1..F8 resets the count.

- FTP interface, and LIVE-BROADCAST mode.


2.08 - 02/01/2008 – Major  update.

- Implementing a new race mode: “Heat race, best of 2 rounds”. This is a complete implementation of DMRU (Dansk Mini Race Union) 2008 racing format.

- Implementing the optional “ScoreBoard”. The ScoreBoard contains additional live racing information. The intention is to take advantage of the XP dual-monitor capability.

  - It addresses issues on being able to see the entire drivers list etc. during racing.

  - In addition to the ScoreBoard, a points evaluation system has been added which allows different tracks or classes to race against each other in a fair system.

  - It is the intention that the “ScoreBoard” of multiple LapMaster systems should be coordinated using TCP/IP. However we are not yet there.

- The maximum laptime that can be read aloud has been raised from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.

- New “Pink” lane colour supported.

- The announcement of track records is now a selectable option.

- Fixed another bug that prevented selection of drivers from the catalog.

- Lap count can be adjusted (+1) in real time using the keys 1 to 8 as hotkeys. “Q” to “I” subtracts one lap, and “A” to “K” resets the lap count.
- The hotkey assignment will make sense to you when you look at the keyboard. It is the number row for +, the key below for – and one row further below for reset.

- The “SpaceBar” has been setup as a hotkey for trackcall. If focus is on the “LapMaster” of “ScoreBoard” application, hitting space will toggle the trackcall state.


2.07 - 12/09/2007 - Misc. updates.

- Removed the “Average time” from result.

                        - Fix a bug with large number of driver selects from visual catalogue.                    

                        - Picture of more Danish Scale drivers added.


2.06 - 12/08/2007 -

- Moved the position of the “next driver” display.

                        - Picture of Danish Scale drivers added.


2.05 – 18/05/2007 – Work in preparation of the LapTimer-II device based on the Olimex AVR-OI-M16 (Microcode version 2.0)

                        - Adding the “Individual power relay” feature.

- Testing the connection of 2 LapTimer-II devices to a single system.

- Add provision for racing a fixed number of laps in each stint rather than just a fixed amount of time.

- End of heat/End of stint announce now comes immediately after power off and before the run out.


2.04 - 16/05/2007 - Bug fix.

- Fixed bug where the “no of entries” in the “c:\ LapMasterEntry.ini”  file where erroneously set to 6.000.000. This caused the following attempt to load the program take forever.
  Also the input value is not range checked.


2.03 – 10/05/2007 – Changes in log file.

- Decimal point is now set to “.” In English and “,” in Danish.

- Log file date now has a 4 digit year.

- Timestamp now contains 3 decimals to the second. (Relative to the timestamps. Not accurate for lap timing.)

- Invalid time on track X now displays the correct track number in the logfile.

                        - Bug that caused “Best Time” and “Best track” to be erased under certain conditions have been fixed.

                        - Attempts to load a RESULT list as an ENTRY list, will now skip the initial column (the position), so that the names will fit the correct column.

- The option to display the MEDIAN time in place of the BEST TIME has been added.