Terms and definitions



The entire event where a number of slotcar drivers compete, typically on a single day.




Since not all drivers can be on the track at the same time, a race is divided into heats, where a number of driver directly competition on the track at the same time. A heat typically involves for all drivers to drive at all the different lanes for a certain amount of time.

You can say that a heat = NumberOfLanes * Stint.


The continues amount of time a driver uses in competition on a specific lane, is called a stint.

Round Robin

A method of racing a heat, where there are more drivers than lanes. One or more driver must therefore stand outside the current set of drivers. At stint change, the driver otherwise scheduled to drive on lane-1 enters the pool of drivers waiting, and the next in line to enter the active set of drivers are assigned to drive on lane-1. This continues until all drivers have raced once on all lanes. Then the heat is ended.

Race director

The person using the LapMaster program to control a race.