Each lap count and certain other events cause the LapMaster program to generate a history record.

This data is accumulated in a file in the LapMaster/History folder. The file is named Historyyymmdd where “yymmdd” is the date when the Lapmaster program is last started. That would usually be the current date.
You can select and display a history file from any date in your folder, including todays date.

The history file is a TAB-separated file, which means that you can also load it into NOTEPAD or EXCEL for further processing and analysis.


Beskrivelse: History


The history display is a log of what the counter systems has recorded.

Most data are obvious. Except for a few of the codes.


Type=1 means this is a message from an event such as Power-On.

Type=0 means this is a Lap count.


Valid time=0 means that power was interrupted, and that the time cannot be considered valid.
      This is also the case for the first lap, which starts from “Power off”, and maybe not even from the counter.

Valid time=1 means that it was a clear “Flying” lap without interruptions, and that the time must be considered valid.