LapMaster – Version 3.19


(Scale car’s ready at the starting line of the author’s private racetrack.)


LapMaster is a computer program that handles and controls the execution of a slot car race event.

*      It supports tracks with 1 to 8 lanes.

*      It times and counts the number of laps for each lane and contestant in the race.

*      Every lap is timed with the precision of 1/1000 of a second, and high scores (Track records) are recorded.

*      It times the duration of each stint and intermissions.

*      It manages the execution of an entire race of up to 256 participants, and with the stages of:
- Registration.
- Qualification.
- Heat racing (Several different modes)
- Final results and statistics, celebrating victory etc.

*      New lap-records, start-of-race and other features of the race are commented vocally using the audio speakers of the computer.

*      Temporary interruption of the race, “Track calls”, can be activated using the onscreen “Buttons”, the “space bar” or a Remote control.
This interruption can both be on a running race (Track call), but can also be used to extend a timed intermission between stints.

*      The screen layout is optimized to use a 1024*768 pixel format, and the main screen is designed to be readable from a distance of several meters.

*      Supports optional use of dual-monitors.

*      Celebrate victory by printing result list’s, Statistics, diplomas and/or publishing the result on the internet. 

*      Optional combined “ScoreBoard” with additional information for the entire race, not just the current heat.

*      Ability to publish real-time status directly to internet ( LiveTiming ).

*      Ability to store results and statistics directly to internet or print.

*      The ability to WEB-Connect multiple LapMaster systems via TCP/IP (Local LAN or Internet) to form gigantic slotracing events, and display all information on a combined scoreboard.

*      Point’s system makes it possible to directly race against other tracks in real time, despite the differences in tracks and car performances.

*      Track time seller mode for commercial race tracks.