The statistics page is available after a race.

It can help drivers analysing the race and finding their respective weak and strong points.


Also the “Laps” display can double as a detailed result display.

“Laps” are compensated with the “Zone correction” value if any is applied.


The “*” after a lap count indicates that this is the starting lane for the driver.


Note: The lap counts displayed are ”Net  laps”. This is not the same as displayed on the lap counter after each stint!

The counts are compensated for the “sector” position at the start and end of each stint.

For instance, if the car completes the first stint stopping just before the counter, then at the next stint it goes a little over 10 laps, this time stopping just after the counter. In this case the counter would show “11.00” since the car parsed 11 times, and it stopped in the first sector. However the true distance (for the purpose of statistics), is just “10.01” = 10 laps and one sector. This is what would be displayed in the statistics section.


*  Data
You can display 4 different kinds of statistics:

*  Fastest one lap in each lane.

*  Number of laps in each stint.

*  Realized/Potential. This is the ratio between the laps you actual realized on each lane, compared to the number of laps you could have done, had all laps been raced at well as your fastest lap on that lane. This is expressed as a percentage. The closer to 100% the better.

*  Race development. This statistic shows who are leading the race after each stint. It shows the progression of the race.

*  Analysis direction
The 3 best results are coloured in progressing green colours, and the 3 worst in progressing red colours. All others are yellow.
You can either have the colours to indicate Overall performance (relative between drivers), or Personal best (relative between lanes).
Alternatively you can select to have no colouring evaluation at all.
For “Race development” the cells are coloured with the lane colours regardless of this setting.


When the OK button is pressed you return to the race setup panel. Note that you changes are not committed until you press ok on the race setup panel.
Pressing cancel on either the Advanced settings or the Race setup panel, erases the changes you made on the panel.


PRINT result.
Get the report printed.


As WEB page.
Prompts for the FTP information, and then publishes the current displayed statistics as a web page.

(See also similar description under RaceSetup for a description of the FTP settings involved.)

With use of the “Auto-index” feature you save the statistics so that they will show up via a link from the “Live Timing” page.


Auto WEB.
This button generates the 3 statistics:

-          Number of laps, Overall.

-          Fastest lap, Overall.

-          Realized/Potential, Overall.

and uploads to the FTP site with default settings.
Once setup, this is a “fast-button” to upload all statistics to the auto index system.


This button exports the current data so that it can be loaded again for later analysis. It is the raw data that is saved, so all available analysis options are available later after import.


Reloads previously exported statistical information, so that you can view it again.

Display this help text.