Time seller mode


The time seller mode is a special mode for commercial raceways, which rent track time on a time basis.

LapMaster employs 8 “egg timers” that each control power to an individual lane.

The “Total laps” field becomes the “Remaining time” field that displays how much time is left for the customer.


You select “Time seller mode” as a race type in the race setup panel.


In Time seller mode the “Start” button becomes a “Sell time” button. Pressing it brings up the Time seller dialog.

On this dialog you check the tracks you want to set the timer for (alternatively checks the “All tracks” checkmark), and then enters the time you want to sell in the input field. You can enter seconds or minutes:seconds. Alternatively press one of the speed buttons to define the time period. Pressing “reset” or setting the time to 0, cancels any outstanding time downcount on the selected tracks.

If you press OK, the specification goes into effect. Pressing the X cancels the setup in progress.


You can still halt all downcount using the “Pause” or the “Trackcall” from the remote, if you so desire.


To exit “time seller mode”, press the time-seller heading or press Reset.