Track record display panel

Clicking on the heading of the track records column on the main display opens up the track record display panel.

Beskrivelse: TrackRecord

From this panel you can work with the track records:

*  View 3 generations of track records for each lane.

*  Print the same info on a printer.

*  Save it as a WEB Page to your home page.

*  Make Diploma’s to the holder of a track record.

*  Work the history file to investigate the circumstances of a track record.

*  Export the data

*  View this HELP file.


LapMaster maintains a separate lap record for each lane and for each racing class.


Whenever a lap record is broken, the LapMaster program announces so in the loudspeaker system.
The class, lap time, the date and the name of the driver is automatically stored in the records file.


*  Track records are only acknowledged during real racing. (Qualify or some kind of heat racing), never during practise.

*  Track records are recorded, but not announced during the first heat, first stint. Such announcement would normally lead to information overload.