WEB Connect of tracks

WEB connection is the process where you connect 2 or more tracks to form a single racing event.

The tracks can be in the same room, in which case you connect them using LAN (Local area network), or they can be widespread at any geography in the world, in which case you connect them using the Internet (TCP/IP).

Also the tracks can be identical, like when they run a massive 24 hour Scalextric race running at 6 or more identical layouts at the same time, setup in a large sports arena. Or they can be of different layouts, and possibly be racing with different classes of cars, and still be compared in a reasonable and sporting fashion, using the build-in handicap system.


You find the WEB-CONNECT button on the ScoreBoard


The WEB Connect page have 3 major sections.



WEB Connection mode

When setting up a connected race, one and only one LapMaster program must be the SERVER. All other programs connect as CLIENTs to this server. Of course the default is the No-Connection mode.

If you connect as client, you will need to know the name or address of the server machine. For local attachment (LAN), this is the name of the computer in your network that you selected to run the SERVER version of LapMaster.

For internet access (TCP/IP) the name can either be a name of the type www.slotcarracing.dk or it can be a TCP/IP address like If your server isn’t on a machine that has a www address, there is still some possibilities to set up you router with a NAT (Network Address Translation), but now it gets real technical. I assume I will publish details on how to do this at a later time.


TCP/IP port

But before we can connect, we will need to select which TCP/IP port we want to use. This port is just a number between 1024 and 65535 (Numbers below 1024 are reserved). You can think of it as a channel. TCP/IP uses this channel number to select which programs to connect together on a given computer. We have chosen the number 1357 as default for LapMaster. It can be anything you want as long as client and server are using the same. However unless you have a very good reason to select otherwise, stay with the default.



This is a simple mechanism to keep unwanted visitors out. The Master and the clients can predetermine a password (any text string) that must be used when signing on. Unless you know the password, you cannot sign on to the server, and you cannot fiddle with the result on the ScoreBoard.


Synchronized heat start on all tracks

If you check this box, each heat doesn’t start until all tracks are ready. Even if you start the race on the same time, the heats probably don’t end at the same time, due to various numbers of track calls. With the synchronize feature on, at least each heat are started on the same time. This keeps the combined score better in sync, for a more realistic real-time experience. The race manager can override the sync, if one or more tracks experience difficulties, or for some reason selects to abandon the race while active.


Handicap calculator

The Handicap calculator is to be used in association with the WEB Connection mode when you run on different layouts or different classes of cars.

To use the handicap calculator you need an established distance record. For instance the finishing result of the last club race.  Just type the number of laps (with zones) and the race time in minutes and click the Calc button. LapMaster then calculates and displays the handicap factor. This factor is calculated in such a way, that a driver performing 100% up to the established record, would earn 60 point per minute of racing.
Any laps counted are multiplied by the handicap factor, and it is this Score or Points that are being compared on the ScoreBoard with the other drivers from other tracks.

Note: If you check the “Estimate result” in the Advanced Race Setup, then the handicap points will be overridden by the estimates.



Connection log

This scrolling window is a technical aid in determine connection progress.

You will be able to see the progress of sign-on to the Client or Server.