Program setup


On this screen you setup program parameters. This is usually only done once.
You can navigate to the Program Setup from the Race Setup panel.
After having made changes to this panel, the program might issue a message that calls for a program restart.


*      The LapTimer-II device is connected to serial port:
You can chose COM1 to COM20 as the serial interface for the hardware.
Alternative you can chose “None” in which case there is no input to the program.
You can however still use emulation mode, i.e. to test the program.
If you do not know which COM port the LapTimer-II device is connected to, press the “Search” button, and LapMaster will try to locate the  LapTimer-II device for you.

*      LapTimer version:
If a LapTimer-II device is connected, an identification of the firmware will be displayed in this field.

*      Use dynamic score board.
If you check this option you will enable the use of a second page of additional race information. The ScoreBoard is designed to work together with the XP, Dual-display configuration.
When running with two monitors, you will have the space to display both at the same time. Alternatively if you have 4 lanes or less, you might have room for the ScoreBoard in the unused space of the main display.
The ScoreBoard is a real-time ranking list of all drivers in the race. (Not just the ones on the track).


*      Language.
This is the language used by the LapMaster program. Both on the menus and as the spoken language over the loud-speaker system.
You can select between:
-     English – Andy Wasserman
-     English female voice
Dansk herre stemme (Danish, male voice)
-     Dansk dame stemme (Danish, female voice)
-     Deutsche weibliche Stimme (German, female voice)
-     Svensk manlig röst (Swedish, male voice)
-     Norsk herre stemme (Norwegian, male voice - Actual Norwegian text, Danish voice)

When you press the ”Change” button, you can select the directory that contains the language customization. Inside this directory you need to select the “Dictionary.txt” file to activate the new language.

If you change the language you will need to restart the program.


It is possible to add another language yourself. To learn how this is done, read the “Customized language” chapter.