If you have selected the optional ScoreBoard from the Program setup you will have a panel like the one below. The intention is that you should move it to the second monitor, if you are running a dual screen configuration under XP or Vista.

If you run a 2 or 4 lane setup, you can use the unused portion of the main screen for the ScoreBoard. If you are in neither of these situations, you will probably not be using the ScoreBoard, or at least select to run with it in the “minimized” configuration for the most time.


The ScoreBoard is a simple ranking list, but it will contain all drivers, not just the ones currently on the track. This can be used for much wide information on the state of racing.

The Scoreboard will be updated during heat-racing, heat-racing-best-of, ISRA-Team-Racing, Qualification or Named-practice mode. 



The ScoreBoard contains the following information:

Pos                    The current position in the total ranking. (Compared on Score)

Score/Predicted/Finish time

The number of points earned (Laps * handicap factor)

or The predicted race result. This is being used in place of Score, if the option is set in the Advanced Race Setup.

or Finish time if racing “No of laps – All to complete”.

Total Laps       The number of laps and fractions realized by the driver at this time.

Laps                  The number of laps done by the driver in this stint.

Driver               The drivers name. Must be unique within the entire ScoreBoard (all tracks).

Time                 Lap time for last lap.

Best time          Fastest lap within this stint.

Lane                 The current lane for this driver.    

Start heat         Information on which heat this driver is supposed to or started in.

Start lane         Information on which lane this driver starts in.

Track                The name of the track this driver races on.

Source              Internal technical information. Not to be used at this time.


Select font

Use this to change the font of the Scoreboard. In particular you can influence how many drivers can be displayed at the Scoreboard at the same time, by changing the font size. This is always a balance between as many as possible and a size that are readable at a distance.


Print result

The current contends of the ScoreBoard can be printed my means of this button.


Save to WEB

This option allows you to save the current ScoreBoard data in WEB format.


You will be prompted to fill out the required FTP Connection information:


You must fill out the FTP server, userid and password. This information is common in the entire setup,

and will be remembered for you in the LapMaster program.

You must also specify a filename (possibly containing a path) of the file you want on your server.

LapMaster keeps a separate filename for Results/Records, ScoreBoard and the Auto (LiveTiming) mode.

You also have the option to add a simple comment to the page before upload.

The format of the WEB page is customizable. See Customized diplomas and WEB results



The entire ScoreBoard can be cleared by means of this button.


Connect tracks

Connect tracks takes you to the WEBConnect page

The ScoreBoard takes on a completely new dimension when you connect tracks.

In short, Connect tracks allows you to connect several LapMaster system together electronically using TCP/IP (Local area net, LAN or Internet)).

When several LapMaster systems are connected, the ScoreBoard shows the combined status in real-time.

Connect-tracks even contains features to synchronize the start of heats at each track, so that the combined real-time result is more interesting.

One obvious application of this feature is to race on several identical tracks in the same room.

(Like the massive 24-hour Scalextric race held each year on 3 identical 6 laner tracks in a sports arena.)


But it doesn’t stop there. With the unique LapMaster Score system, you can even race on dissimilar tracks or dissimilar types of cars,

and still compete on a fair basis. All you need to know is an established lap distance record for a given race

(For instance the distance record from the last time you ran a similar race). By typing these numbers into the handicap calculator,

LapMaster calculates the laps into Points or Score, and this score is what will give the ranking on the common Scoreboard.

Combine this handicap system with the possibility to connect LapMasters anywhere in the world using the TCP/IP internet capability,

and then the door is open for organized world wide simultaneous racing.



Now, if you are really using Connect-Tracks to race over the internet you might want to communicate with your friends.

The chat starts another window that allows you to send messages back and forth between the participating LapMaster systems.

The messages that you send will be visible from all locations, and all locations can answer on them.



The Help button will bring up this help page.