Race result


After Qualification, during intermissions, and after the race, you can find the current result on this page.

You can sort the list by mouse click on the headings.


Pos                              - The current position in the race.

Driver                        - The name of the driver.

Qualify result           - The qualification result (If race qualification has been used)

Race result                - The race result (or temporary result if displayed during the race)

Best time                   - The best lap time during racing.

Best lane                    - The lane that was used for the best lap time.

Time raced                - The total amount of time raced. (If displayed during racing in Round Robin mode, the time this racer has raced.)




*  Print result
You can print the result on a printer using the “Print result” button. This will open a standard printer selection and options dialog.
The printed result lists are by default printed in landscape orientation. The content is similar to the displayed result list.

*  As WEB page
The result list can also be stored as a WEB page and uploaded to your own home page by just hitting the “As WEB page” button.
You will be prompted to fill out the required FTP Connection information:

You must fill out the FTP server, userid and password. This information is common in the entire setup, and will be kept for you in the LapMaster program.
You must also specify a filename (possibly containing a path) of the file you want on your server. LapMaster keeps a separate filename for Results/Records, ScoreBoard and the Auto (LiveTiming) mode.
Note: If the filename contains a drive letter and path like “C:\LapMaster\Results\TestResult1.htm”, then it will be stored locally rather than FTP’ed to the server.
You also have the option to add a simple comment to the page before upload.

Auto index
If you provide some descriptive text in the “Auto index” box, then LapMaster will setup a link automatically for you. This link can be found on via the “Results and Statitics” link on the LiveTiming page.
The text you provide will be the displayed “link”, and it will point at the file you just saved.
The link page itself is based upon the model found in the “C:\LapMaster\Multimedia\LapMasterResultLink.htm”. If no model is present, one will be copied from “C:\LapMaster\Multimedia\Factory”
The active list is kept in “C:\LapMaster\Results\LapMasterResultLink.htm”. Delete or edit this if you want to reset or change your auto link list.

By default a page somewhat like the one below will be generated. However you can easily replace it with your own design.
For information on how to do this, see Customized diplomas and WEB results

Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: ResultWEB

As with diplomas, the output can be customized by any user with a little HTML knowledge. (See Customized diplomas and WEB results.)

*  To clipboard
This button copies the result page into the windows clipboard. (Like “cntl-c”)
This is very useful for copying the result to be pasted into a spread sheet, a web-forum, or any other text document.

*  Statistics
After the race, you can examine different statistics about the race. Pressing this button brings you to the Statistics page.


*  Make diploma
You can make nice looking diploma’s to the top finishers (or all participants for that matter.)
Just press the “Make diploma” button, and fill in the position (I.E: 1) for the one you want to make a diploma for.
This will format and display the diploma in the MS internet explore. You can then use the “print” option from there to get them on paper.
By default there is a “Gold” diploma for no.1, a “Silver” for no. 2, and a “Bronze” for number 3. The rest will get a generic diploma.

Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: Diploma

However the diplomas can be customized to look how-ever you want, by a user with just a little HTML knowledge. (see Customized diplomas and WEB results.)

*  History / History displayed in Spread sheet
Every lap counted on this system is stored in a log file. A new log file will be started for each and every day that LapMaster is started. You can access these log’s or history files from this button.

If you click on the top of the button you will use the build in LapMaster display. If you click on the bottom of the button you will display the history file with your default spread sheet.

For more information on the condense of the History file, see chapter on History

*  Export
The “Export” button allows the data to be saved into a TAB-separated file, which can be loaded by I.E. NOTEPAD or EXCEL